Just got a note from Deeps that the TechEd 2008 site is now live.  I'm looking after the Aussie and Kiwi Architecture tracks at TechEd again this year, so I've been thinking about the sort of sessions that we'll have in the track.  The official Architecture track summary is as follows:

You already know a lot about different products and technologies, but how do you make them work together to solve business problems? How can you create applications and infrastructures that solve today’s challenges-without just choosing technology for technology’s sake? The Architecture track offers broad architectural perspectives that span many products, technologies and solutions. We can help you further or begin your career as an architect by providing the background, patterns, and real-world guidance you need.

This year, we're focusing on three broad areas:

  • Persona: What is the role of an architect? How do I become an architect? What skills does an architect need?
  • Patterns: Architectural patterns and practices, considerations like user experience and distributed applications, and current trends like software-plus-services and composite applications.
  • Practice: Real-world case studies, best practices, recommendations, and other architecture-related guidance.

The purpose of this track is to help you coordinate your knowledge of multiple products, technologies, and solutions to meet the business needs of your organisation. Further your career and solve tomorrow's architectural problems today with the knowledge you'll gain from the Architecture track.

The general idea of the architecture track is to step up a level of abstraction and look at some of the higher order bits of the topics that are being addressed in the other other parts of TechEd.  The track is less about the technology per-say, and more about the considerations and practices raised by the adoption and use of the platform.

So, with that in mind, what do YOU want to see in the track?  Who would you like to see presenting from MS corp (or elsewhere) this year?  I've got a few speakers in mind, but I'm interested in your feedback about what would be of interest.   What topics are going to spin your wheels?  Should we be talking more about Live?  About S+S?  About patterns&practices?  Methodologies?  Something else?

Let me know your thoughts.  As we develop the track, I'll start posting ideas and topics here so you can follow along.

PS: Check out the TechEd Australia and NZ sites.  Note the use of Silverlight on the Aussie site.  Very pretty.  I voted for "Gladiator" :)