Got a report this evening (thanks, Michael) that the Australian Architecture Forum site is down.  It'll be back online asap, so hold tight if you are trying to register, and keep checking back in with us.

In the meantime, check this little fella out:

Orphaned Joey

We were on the road between Traralgon and Woodside this weekend, on our way to visit P's mum, and came around a corner to discover an 'ex-Roo' laying in the middle of the road.  Being a moderately blind corner, it wasn't a great place to suddenly come accross for a large amount of animal at 100Kph, so after a bit of discussion we decided to turn around and move it off the road.  Lucky we did, as this little guy was still in it's mum's pouch. 


Although sadly it's mum hadn't survived, the Joey seemed to have escaped trauma.  We gently pulled it out of it's mum's pouch, wrapped it up nice and warm and called Wildlife Victoria when we got to P's mum's place.

They were amazing, and had a local carer over within the hour to pick it up for fostering.  The carer said that it's very common for Joey's to be found alive in their pouches days after their mum's have been hit by vehicles.  It just goes to to show - if you hit something, it's really important you stop and check whether it had any young that might have survived (as well as assessing whether the animial you hit can be saved and/or isn't suffering, and doesn't represent a risk to other people on the road).