Oh yeah, that's right. I've been busy doing a bunch of things that haven't involved blogging. My bad. And I'm going to try to fix that by ... um... writing more blog entries.  Some interesting things have happened in the last few months:

  • The March 09 CTP of .NET Services and Azure was released.  And with it, a slew of entries on Clemens' blog.  I'm working through these as I get time to kick the tyres on the new release.  My favourite statement so far is this one: "The .NET Service Bus is the “+” in what Microsoft calls “Software+Services”.  Very true :)  It will be interesting to look at what new scenarios are enabled by the addition of routing and queing capabilities.  Did anyone say 'intermediary' and 'occaisionally connected'?
  • Geneva.  Ok, so not so recent, but still one of the crucial building blocks that will enable very simple cross-platform identity federation in the cloud (as well as behind the firewall).  Pretty much every cloud discussion I'm having at the moment drags in authN/R as part of the furniture.  And claims-based is the way to go.  The more I talk with customers and partners about this, the more I'm convinced that claims-based federation is at an adoption tipping point.  Now, what we need are some nice big juicy proof-points to drive this home.
  • Projects Projects Projects.  This is where I've been really tied down as of late.  I'm working on some very exciting projects targeting Azure Compute, Identity meta-systems that are enabled by claims-based federation, and service bus connected clouds that are enabled by .NET services.  As they start to come to fruition (and I'm sure at least some of them will :) ) I'll be able to talk about these in more detail. 
Mkay?  Mkay.  :)