Jorke pinged me with details of an event he and Professional Geek Nick Hodge are running in Melbourne next Wednesday night, aimed at discussing Microsoft's relationship with Open Source, the Open Source community, and how we as an organisation are embracing Open Source.  This may seem strange, given the common dogma in the community that OSS is the antithesis of Microsoft's commercial model.  But I think that this position - like many other dogmatic beliefs - doesn't survive analysis once you start to scratch beneath the surface.

There will be some presentations to frame and elicit discussion, but it's the discussion that is the aim of these sessions.  Nick and Jorke are looking for frank and unfiltered feedback from you on what Microsoft should be or could be doing to work better with the Open Source community.  Having read the feedback from simliar sessions the guys ran at WebDU I can promise it'll be an interesting evening.  If you want to come along, it's on in Melbourne next Wednesday night (24th June), 5.30 to 8.30.  You can get more details - the venue etc - at the registration site.  They are also running sessions in Sydney (23rd)  and Brisbane (25th) - register via the same link.