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    Nihilism and subtextual deconstructivism

    Hold on! Before you think I have lost it and write me off, check out this Postmodernism Generator (which creates a new essay for you every time you visit it). Completely fabulous stuff. Hats off to Alan Sokal (author of Fashionable Nonsense ) for pulling...
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    New transaction cannot enlist in specified transaction coordinator

    Seems like my day was dedicated to this error message! Ran into it while setting up some tests and we just couldn't get to the bottom of it. Here are some of the more interesting things I discovered while looking into this issue. For starters there...
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    New Home

    After a bit of consideration about the kindof blog that I will enjoy writing, seems like msdn might not be the best fit for me (I don't think I have enough techincal nuggets to offer or share). So I am in the process of looking at alternatives. The most...
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    Tabbed windows and more

    I never thought I would find a feature so useful, but I am addicted to it. I just cleaned up my system and I found I missed the tabbed windows of CrazyBrowzer the most. Now why doesn’t IE add that to its list of features? (Mental note – Add...
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