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    Query Analyzer output in color?

    Was wondering if anyone knows about an add-on or some product which will let me add color to the output of SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer? The reason I could use it is that I was running a test in QA that printed out a lot of PASS and FAIL statements...
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    Off to a good start...

    Well, looks like India got off to a fabulous start by winning a nail-bitting one-day cricket match by 5 runs (I wish I had seen this game - probably ranks as one of the best one day cricket matches in the history of the game). This was the first match...
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    One Feature Pack coming up!

    Here's something that the customers ordered - and we are serving it right up! Check out the Feature Pack 1 Beta of Commerce Server 2002 . I don’t think a Feature Pack is a very common offering from product groups, but in this case it seems to be...
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    AzMan on Windows XP

    Found this small nugget of information quite hard to get - so I think others might find it useful as well. How to install the Authorization Manager administration MMC on a Windows XP machine. If you use the Windows Server 2003 Authorization Manager...
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