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    CS 2006 News

    A lot has been happening on the CS 2006 front. Firstly we have our CS 2006 documentation up online at MSDN now, so you don't need to download anything if you just want to read about the various features and APIs in Cs 2006. There has also been some...
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    Multiple OrderForms in CS 2006

    Quick post to expound on the multiple OrderForm functionality present in the Order Capture system in Commerce Server 2006 . An OrderForm can be thought of as a placeholder for a bunch of products / line items and associated data such as payments...
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    Sample CS 2006 code for applying and displaying discounts on a Basket

    In this post I shall run through some basic sample Commerce Server 2006 runtime site code to create a Basket, add an item to it and run it through the pipelines. We can then display the discounts that applied to the Basket (depending on what types of...
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