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    CS 2007 - Recurring Orders Sample Code

    Here is a code sample which illustrates how you can achieve a common scenario on a B2B / B2C eCommerce site – placing repeated Orders containing the same set of products over and over again, without the hassle of having to search for and save the set...
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    CS 2007 - Secure by Default

    In case you thought that was all talk, take a look at the Customer and Orders Manager UI in the latest release candidate of Commerce Server 2007 . If you are moving from Beta, and are perplexed as to why you suddenly cannot open this UI anymore it is...
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    CS 2007 - Orders Data Management Sample Code

    The Orders subsystem in Commerce Server 2007 offers some really powerful new APIs which can make your life easier. Some of the various operations and scenarios enabled by these APIs are: Searching for Baskets and Orders Deleting Baskets (probably...
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    Upgrading from CS 2007 Beta 1 to RC 1

    In this post I shall attempt to highlight the steps required to get a basic StarterSite Beta running on Beta 1 of Commerce Server 2007 (2006 back then) running on the just released Release Candidate of Commerce Server 2007 . I’ll assume that you...
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    Commerce Server 2007 Release Candidate Released

    Well the news is all over the place, from Ryan Donovan 's blog to Scott Guthrie's blog to Brian Goldfarb's blog – the RC for the most exciting Commerce release ever from Microsoft is out and into the hands of customers. You can get it from the connect...
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