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  • Blog Post: Nice background image

    My latest creation last night... space view of a planet on a starry background The image is 1920x1440 Hope you like it :) Feel free to use it as your desktop background, if you like :)
  • Blog Post: Silverlight: Super-fast Dymanic Image Generation Code (Revisited)

    I decided to give a third spin of Joe Stegman's dynamic image generation code. This time, it's many times faster (about 10x) than the original implementation and the png is generated in-place (no recoding necessary). I used some hacky optimizations :) For example, replacing the big CRC loop with a...
  • Blog Post: Optimized Joe Stegman's Dynamic Image Generation (Twice the Speed)

    I needed a good and relatively fast dynamic image generation code for Silverlight (for the next sample, you’ll see). Joe Stegman has an excellent post including source code for generating images in Silverlight:
  • Blog Post: Building 1977 Computer Emulator in Silverlight

    In This Sample · How to build a 1977 PC emulator with Silverlight · Dynamic image generation · 25 Games If you like this sample, please vote for it on the Community Gallery More Information Last Sunday I decided to try and build an x86 (namely the 8086) emulator...
  • Blog Post: Image Effects with Silverlight: Creating the Saturation Light Sample

    This sample demonstrates the following: 1. Simulating any image effect with Silverlight 2. Using the mouse wheel in a Silverlight application Download sample source code: The main XAML consists of 2 images: 1. Saturated image 2...
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