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  • Blog Post: Super Cool Visual Studio Color Schemes and Fonts

    Update: I kind of like the following one, optimized for XAML editing too: Nikola's_XAML.vssettings (based on the Nightingale theme) To get the above theme, download this one first: and then apply mine...
  • Blog Post: .NET Debugging Tricks: Formatting Class Appearance in the VS Watch Window

    These are two cool tricks that I just learned from a friend and colleague - Mike. Formatting How Your Class Appears in the Locals/Watch Window You can format how your class appears in the locals window or the watch window by setting the [DebuggerDisplay] attribute. For example, I’ve set the...
  • Blog Post: We're Hiring - Part 3 (Revolutions)

    Update on job positions! Do you want to work as part of the Microsoft Visual Studio Product Team? If "yes", please contact me for details. For the people that contacted me already: thank you. I've been forwarding your CVs as appropriate to our recruiters in the past few weeks. List...
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