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  • Blog Post: Silverlight: How to Make Your WCF Web Service Work for All Users

    Specification of the Problem A WCF web service works when a user types site in his browser with www in the name: · http:// www Works OK!, but it stops working if the same site is typed without www: ·
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Links to SDK Help, Reference and Samples

    Here are some interesting Silvelright 2 Beta 1 documentation links: High-level portal to the Managed Reference: Controls: Control Templates and Styles:
  • Blog Post: Calling Web Services and Accessing UI from Timer Event in Silverlight

    If you try accessing UI from a timer event, you'll Exception: Invalid cross-thread access . This happens because the timer code is running on different thread and trying to access controls on the main thread. Here's how to fix it: Edit: thanks to jackbond on the Silverlight.NET forum http://silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2008 Walkthrough: Creating, Hosting and Using WCF Services with Silverlight 2

    Before we Start The final project is a sample that sends a string to WCF web service from Silverlight and gets a response back. Sample source code: ( Edit: see comments on how to change the source to work for localhost instead of public web site...
  • Blog Post: Configuring IIS 7 to work with WCF Web Services for Silverlight 2

    I've tried these, and there are some interesting parts that can take some time figuring out by digging in docs. This post will probably solve the 404.3 error (svc not registered as MIME type) So here's the whole solution for getting a WCF service started up and using it from Silverlight 2 Beta...
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