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Norton WinDoctor errors about msvcr80.dll

Norton WinDoctor errors about msvcr80.dll

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Another email came in my inbox today. It is about Norton WinDoctor issuing errors about msvcr80.dll. If one does "One Button Checkup" with Norton WinDoctor 9.0 after .Net Framework 2.0 or Visual Studio 2005 is installed. It usually gives about all ten errors are in subfolders from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ . At some point Martyn search web for forums and discussions of these issue and answered questions. I would just post recommendation already given by Martyn on forums:

a) First of all, do NOT copy msvcr80, msvcp80 or msvcm80 to either System32 or C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\  or Visual Studio directories. They do not belong to these folders and cannot be used by VS components.  You are just polluting the hard drive.  

b) If you've already put the files in these places, please delete them.
c) You can safely tell WinDoctor to ignore this problem.


As far as I know, Norton has been already informed by many people about this issue, so it may already been fixed.



  • I would think Norton owner would have stung the company with complaints about thie error for years. Nevertheless, I've selected WinDoctor to ignore the non-issue. Some of the solutions recommended by those who've been distributing the beta .dill amaze me. Why not just invite someone tstall, or better, gratefully install a malicieous .dll file deep within my Win Sys... Oh, thank you so much! Norton no longer has an error. (Meanwhile, a keylogger has unfoldeded, looking for all the world like normal Sys operation,

  • my msnmessanger can t find msvcr80.dll i need that dll to try to fix it

  • Please contact the support for MSN messanger and they should help you with resolving the issue. DO NOT try to download this DLL, or copy it from other computers. Just contact the support for MSN messanger or download any new versio nof Windows Live Messanger.


  • AS of 11 /28/06 Norton still generates this problem.Its what brought me to this post

  • You need to report this issue to Symantec and get the new version of it. Last time it was discussed on forums someone said there is a version of Windoctor that does not report this error. Please contact Symantec and they should be able to help you out.


  • Yeppers... have/had that problem too.. that is what brought me here... Went to symantec and this is what is posted for this particular problem:  To prevent these messages from appearing, tell One Button Checkup or WinDoctor to ignore the errors. If you tell One Button Checkup or WinDoctor to fix the errors, the messages will reappear the next time that you scan the computer.  

    Well, duh... we know how to ignore a problem.. what about a fix?

    Anyway, My Norton System Works has done me real good, so a little glitch that can be 'ignored' I can deal with.

    Thank You for these posts as they really help when you are looking for 'the answers'


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  • Norton WinDoctor errors about msvcr80.dll

    Saw your result after googling the file name - looked a good start for a trainee geriatric to learn bit about this apparent problem that appeared on Norton's  "One button checkup".

    Very grateful to find such help - thank you.

    Andrew Mclean

  • Well what about not being able to start Norton due to "procedure entry dll msvcr70.sll"? This also happened after installing after .Net Framework 2.0 .

  • Same, you need to report this to Norton folks and ask for their help with resolving this issue.

  • I have been running Norton WinDoctor 05 as a stand alone in several systems for over a year now and this is the first (non) issue I have encountered. This was going to get messy until I saw this thread. Thank you for saving me the time and effort I would have spent working out a false error fix.

    Peace and Happy Holidays to a/All,


  • Thank you, NikolaD!  I have those exact same 10 errors.  Glad I didn't start an overnighter w/ my computer trying to fix something that is merely a glitch and not a fixable problem.  Does anyone have the power to have Symantec look into this?  Do we really need the net/framework/v2.0?  My sanity is salvaged for now, I will print the this series of blog concerning this issue.  NikolaD is great!

  • Hi folks, This is a question from Germany. Since I updated my .net framework to v3.0 today (via MS-update) my Norton WinDoctor as well reports the same missing file (msvcp80.dll). So let this message from Norton be a failure or not - What is so dangerous about downloading this file and putting it to the \System dierctory ??? Does it do any arm ??? Or do you just want to keep your HD clean (what surely is  a good idea) ?

    Regards from Munich


  • There is not any Microsoft owned and approved location from where one may download msvcp80.dll or any other Dll that Norton WinDoctor may complain about. Any websites that publish this or other DLL may easily publish a version with virus or other spyware. Please never download either msvcr80.dll or msvcp80.dll or any other VC++ Dlls from websites that publish them.


  • Max:  Since the problem is with Norton Windoctor, ignore the false error.  As for why not grabbing the file from where it resides on your hard drive and copying it to the system32 directory to make Norton stop complaining - another reason is that having multiple copies of various dlls on the system has caused problems for my clients in the past.  Sure, this file won't do that.. (as it supposedly won't get used if it's in the system32 directory) - but it's something to consider when thinking about adding dlls in the future.  

  • msvcr80.dll is a process associated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 from Microsoft Corporation. It is the Microsoft C Runtime Library and is used by programs written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.  msvcr80.dll is not a critical component.

    What is the difference between msvcrt.dll and msvcr80.dll?

    The msvcrt.dll is now a "known DLL," meaning that it is a system component owned and built by Windows. It is intended for future use only by system-level components.

    What problems exist if an application uses both msvcrt.dll and msvcr80.dll?

    If you have a .lib or .obj file that needs to link to msvcrt.lib, then you should not have to recompile it to work with the new msvcrt.lib in Visual C++ 2005. The .lib or .obj file may rely on the sizes, field offsets, or member function names of various CRT classes or variables, and those should all still exist in a compatible way. When you relink against msvcrt.lib, your final EXE and DLL image will now have a dependency on msvcr80.dll instead of msvcrt.dll.

    If you have more than one DLL or EXE, then you may have more than one CRT, whether or not you are using different versions of Visual C++. For example, statically linking the CRT into multiple DLLs can present the same problem. Developers encountering this problem with static CRTs have been instructed to compile with /MD to use the CRT DLL. Now that the CRT DLL has been renamed to msvcr80.dll, applications may have some components linked to msvcrt.dll and others to msvcr80.dll. If your DLLs pass CRT resources across the msvcrt.dll and msvcr80.dll boundary, you will encounter issues with mismatched CRTs and need to recompile your project with Visual C++ 2005.

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