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  • Blog Post: Introducing: Code Digger, an extension for VS2012

    Today, the Pex team at Microsoft Research ( Nikolai Tillmann and Peli de Halleux ) is happy to announce that Code Digger, an extension for Visual Studio 2012, has shipped to the Visual Studio Gallery. After shipping the Moles framework as Fakes in Visual Studio 2012 , this is the next step of bringing...
  • Blog Post: IntelliSense, High Score List, Publishing, Dynamic Ranking, Live Feed

    Today, the Pex team is thrilled to announce a great makeover for , adding several new features: IntelliSense That’s right, when you hit the ‘.’ after a name in the code editor, you get code completion, in your browser. Just as in Visual Studio! Well, almost...
  • Blog Post: Sign in on, start earning medals

    Using Windows Live™ ID, you can now sign in to and get a personalized experience. After signing in, the Pex for fun website will track how many Coding Duels you tried to win, eventually won, and which ones you created yourself. Pex for fun also remembers the last program text you...
  • Blog Post: Announcing

    Today, the Pex team is thrilled to announce , a web site that brings code to life. It analyzes small code snippets, and produces a table of interesting input and output values, often uncovering surprising corner cases. The code can be written in C#, Visual Basic, or F#. You do not need...
  • Blog Post: Moles - Replace any .NET method with a delegate

    I just shot a short video giving a short demo of Moles , a new framework that allows replacing any .NET method with a delegate . In the context of unit testing, one can use Moles to isolate from environment dependencies (such as time, file system, database, etc...) even when those dependencies are hard...
  • Blog Post: How do you use Pex in Visual Studio? Your Input Is Needed!

    Since it’s been almost a year that we’ve released Pex , we have started a little survey on our forums . We are looking for feedback on how you use Pex and how you would like to use it. If you are interested, please voice yourself on our mini survey at
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