1. So what happened to "Oslo"?
  2. Why did Microsoft rename ADO.NET Data Services to WCF Data Services
  3. Where does Microsoft stand on LINQ to SQL?
  4. What's happening to the "M" language? How do “M” and the Entity Data Model relate to each other? Which do I choose?
  5. When does a developer use “M” vs. T-SQL? Should I use “M” rather than T-SQL to define the shape of my data?
  6. What's New in ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 and ADO.NET Data Services 4?
  7. What is "Quadrant" and what does it do for me?
  8. When will the SQL Server Modeling CTP ship?
  9. How does the SQL Server Modeling CTP relate to .NET?
  10. What is the Open Data Protocol (OData)?