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  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s Vision

    Some interesting videos depicting Microsoft’s vision for the future of technology: Microsoft Office Labs 2019 Vision Montage Microsoft Office Labs 2019 (Full version) Microsoft's Future Vision 2019
  • Blog Post: Kinect for Xbox 360: available in Greece…

    Finally, the recent more innovative gaming console is available starting today in Greece , at any of the following combos:         EUR 363   EUR 363 EUR 309 EUR 159 That’s another great innovation from Microsoft
  • Blog Post: Bing Maps, Photosynth and WorldWide Telescope? Is that all?

    Have you ever thought how one could use an integrated web application aggregating data from maps, with images, augmented-reality via real-time video and sky maps? Sounds too scifi to be true? No it’s not. Please view the following demo of Blaise Aguera, MS Research, for this topic. That’s another great...
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