Today I had the opportunity to present to a large group of folks from some of the government agencies based here in Canberra on one of my favourite topics -CardSpace and the Identity Metasystem!

Of course, CardSpace addresses the problem of storing those passwords in odd places


But this topic is also sooo very relevant for cross agency services and of course federation too!


The presentation today seemed to go pretty well (i didn't catch anyone falling asleep :-> ).

There were lots of interesting questions and a robust discussion after the presentation which I take to be a good sign.

I promised to send out some resources to attendees so thought I'd post them here too.

The David Chappell whitepaper on Introducing Windows CardSpace is a great primer

There are also two great channel 9 presentations that I'd recommend:

  1. The first is the InfoCard - Deep Architecture which is an CardSpace overview but also includes a drill down on the CardSpace architecture and design of the identity selector itself.
  2. The other great channel 9 video is the drilldown on WS-Trust. Vittorio does a fine job of taking us through the use of WS-Trust and how keys are used and exchanged between the particpants of the identity metasystem. I'm not the only one who thinks this video is a cracker!

You can find the slides from my presentation here.