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November, 2006

  • Hope is not an Architecture

    Kim Cameron votes for Joe Hockey

    Well not exactly votes for him, but there is an interesting post on Kim's identity blog about Joe Hockeys approach to the Ozzie access card. To quote Kim: "The cabinet minister responsible for all of this has been Joe Hockey, who seems to have a no-nonsense...
  • Hope is not an Architecture

    Top Gun (not)

    One of the many traits of a good architect is composure, the ability to stay calm and in control when projects come in to land. But under extreme pressure event the best can't stay in control. Ever had one of these days? If I ever get the opportunity...
  • Hope is not an Architecture

    SOA for Real! Comm Bank video interviews and resources

    You might have seen some talk of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) CommSee project. Its a highly successful SOA implementation with many interesting aspects (incremental delivery approach, Service design, .NET Smart client, large scale project...
  • Hope is not an Architecture

    WPF 'whiteboard' demo

    In my last post , I highlighted a pretty cool video of a guy "driving a whiteboard" that looks something like a SMART board . Chris Cavanagh saw my last post and pointed me to a demo he created in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Chris is obviously...
  • Hope is not an Architecture

    Are you qualified to drive that Whiteboard?

    Like so many people, I find using whiteboards a really good way to exchange and communicate ideas. It's interesting that even with all the supporting software and collaboration technologies available today, that so often we end up using the whiteboard...
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