Yesterday my colleague, Nigel came to Canberra to present at the Canberra Architect Council.

The topic was "Software as a Service – Catching the Long Tail".


I have seen the presentation before but the interesting thing about this delivery was that it was to a public sector audience. Is SaaS even relevant to public sector?

You bet it is! I was aware that several federal agencies are using external services such web content management services, CRM such as and even customer matching data services and this was discussed a little more yesterday.

The other interesting scenario that was discussed was using the SaaS model for offering or sharing services between government agencies, perhaps in a limited group of government departments. Sharing and exchanging data between agencies is not a new problem, but applying some of the principles and learning's from commercial SaaS offerings does present some different perspectives, such as the models for cost recovery, delivery methods to the SaaS consumer as well as the underlying SaaS architecture to support the economies of scale as more SaaS consumers (in this case government agencies) use a particular service.

The slides that Nigel presented can be found here . (Note: approx 7Mb in size).

Good job Nigel!