Ron Jacobs of ARCast fame just sent me an email to let me know that the ARCast he recorded at TechEd 2007 Australia is now available.

Checkout his ARCast from downunder (2.5 mins into the video) which has an  interesting interview with an organisation I've done some work with.


ARCast Downunder


The interesting thing is that this is a large organisation and like many large orgs have several different application platforms - a real mixed environment. These guys are using TFS to support their software development lifecycle across .NET but also their other development environments, including use of TFS for their Cobol devs on the mainframe, for IBM WebSphere artifacts (using an Eclipse plugin) as well as their Seibel environment!

If that wasn't enough, they also have developers working in different cities and using TFS  across their WAN which is performing very well. Niiiiiice!

Don't ask me who the organisation is, I've been sworn to secrecy ;-)

Good job Justin, Michael!