We were fortunate enough to have Glenn Smyth, Chief Architect of Adelaide Bank present at the Canberra Architect Council last week.

Many folks that have been around the traps in Canberra for a number of years will know Glenn from his days at ATO and also DEWR. He is a great presenter and a colourful character.

I think Glenn did a great job of describing the Enterprise Architecture Framework that he is champoining at the bank. He decribed the approach to capability modelling that is being used to ensure that the services being built are the "right services", something which is often challenging in SOA.

The capability modelling work is drawn from much of the work that has come out of Microsoft for the last number of years. Formerly known as Motion and now officially named MSBA, Microsoft Business Architecture (I gotta admit I like the name "Motion" better).

You can find a copy of Glenns slides here which includes some notes and references (approx 3 Mb in size).