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  • Blog Post: Architect Journal WPF Reader - Beta available!

    I've always been a fan of the high quality articles available in the Architect Journal. Of course you've always been able to subscribe or view articles online but now there is a better way to read, search and share articles. Simon Guest and co. have just released a beta version of the Architect Journal...
  • Blog Post: Greg Willis is blogging

    Greg Willis (aka Gravity man ) recently joined our team and it's great to see that he has got his blog up and running so quickly. Greg, if you are seeking advice on blogging habits such as frequency of posts, you should know to look elsewhere :-)
  • Blog Post: "SOA seems to have come and gone quicker than a $50 hooker"

    Murls wrote an interesting comment on my last post about Dr. Don Fergusons presentation at the last architect council. Murls writes " .... To me it seems like I have seen so much come and go over the years and SOA seems to have come and gone faster than a $50 hooker. And my belief is confirmed through...
  • Blog Post: Launching the Canberra Visual Studio Team System user group!

    There's quite a few Canberra based organisations and folks really using Team System in anger to support their software development lifecycle. Many are at different stages of the journey but there is certainly a great opportunity to share some of the experiences and ideas. In the past few weeks I've...
  • Blog Post: Top Gun (not)

    One of the many traits of a good architect is composure, the ability to stay calm and in control when projects come in to land. But under extreme pressure event the best can't stay in control. Ever had one of these days? If I ever get the opportunity to fly in a aircraft like this chap, I'd rather it...
  • Blog Post: WPF 'whiteboard' demo

    In my last post , I highlighted a pretty cool video of a guy "driving a whiteboard" that looks something like a SMART board . Chris Cavanagh saw my last post and pointed me to a demo he created in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Chris is obviously qualified to drive WPF. He has created a neat...
  • Blog Post: WOW! Softricity - Software delivered like electricity!

    I remember the first time I saw a virtual machine running. It was many years ago on a early version of VMware. My reaction was WOW! I immediately recognised the problems it could solve and the opportunities virtualisation could provide. Think about virtualisation at the next level ... what if we were...
  • Blog Post: Want to run Windows Vista on a TRS-80?

    It could take some time to load ;-)
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