BizTalk Server maps have a .btm extension. BizTalk Services maps (called “Transforms”) have a .trfm extension. Apart from different file name extensions, there are some other changes between BizTalk Server maps and BizTalk Services transforms.

As organizations look to move some part of their integration application workloads to Windows Azure using the recently GA’ed Windows Azure BizTalk Services, we are in need of tools that can help migrate the on-premises artifacts to Azure artifacts. To start with, there’s one such tool that can be used to migrate the BizTalk Server maps to BizTalk Services transforms.

The tool, called the BtmToTrfmConvertor, can be downloaded from the Tools category available at this download location. The syntax for using the tool is:

BtmToTrfmConvertor.exe <Full .BTM File Path> [optional]<output .trfm file path>

The tool comes with a well documented README.txt that provides more info, usage tips, and limitations for the tool. You can find more information for the tool at