By: Naysawn Naderi

February, 2007

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About Dev Oriented Testing and Other Ramblings

This is the blog of Naysawn Naderi.  I'm a Program Manager at Microsoft trying to build the next generation of software testing tools on the Visual Studio Test Team.  

Recently, I've been dedicating most of my time to creating experiences that will allow testers to test better and collaborate more efficiently with members of their software team.

  • Testmundo

    That Pesky MSTest Execution Ordering..

    I have come upon several groups who are puzzled by the intricacies of execution of the MSTest Framework. I admit - it is quite confusing, so I hope that these postings will help to clean some of the confusion. I think that most confusion comes from...
  • Testmundo

    Comparing the MSTest and Nunit Frameworks

    I haven't seen much information online comparing the similarities and differences between the Nunit and MSTest Frameworks. Here I will define the similarities and some of the differences. If there is anything else which you come upon, please do add it...
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