By: Naysawn Naderi

January, 2009

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About Dev Oriented Testing and Other Ramblings

This is the blog of Naysawn Naderi.  I'm a Program Manager at Microsoft trying to build the next generation of software testing tools on the Visual Studio Test Team.  

Recently, I've been dedicating most of my time to creating experiences that will allow testers to test better and collaborate more efficiently with members of their software team.

  • Testmundo

    My moment on Channel 9

    A little while ago, I did an interview with Brian Keller and the Channel 9 team to explain some of the Manual Testing experiences that were brought to light in the September CTP of Visual Studio 2010 . If you haven't had a chance to see video , I would...
  • Testmundo

    What Would Alan Cooper Do?

    I have been recently thinking about designing simple yet powerful UI. I recently sat down one weekend to take notes from Alan Cooper, one of the thought leaders in interface design, from his book About Face. Below are some of the points from the book...
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