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  • Blog Post: New Unit Testing Features in Orcas (Part 1)

    This is a part of a series of postings on the new unit testing features appearing in Orcas. All these features will be available in Orcas beta 2. I know that MSTest isn’t yet the darling of the TDD world, but I’d like to think that our TDD story has improved a decent amount in Orcas. These are some...
  • Blog Post: That Pesky MSTest Execution Ordering..

    I have come upon several groups who are puzzled by the intricacies of execution of the MSTest Framework. I admit - it is quite confusing, so I hope that these postings will help to clean some of the confusion. I think that most confusion comes from some user’s expectation of MSTest to execute like...
  • Blog Post: Comparing the MSTest and Nunit Frameworks

    I haven't seen much information online comparing the similarities and differences between the Nunit and MSTest Frameworks. Here I will define the similarities and some of the differences. If there is anything else which you come upon, please do add it to the comments. MSTest Attribute...
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