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A Microsoft Program Manager on Visual Studio Platform (and an underground coder, lifehacker, hockey player)

January, 2006

  • Noah Coad

    VSTS Dev-Test MSDN Chat (Wed 10am)

    Our team, Team System Developer and Tester Tools (Unit Testing, Web Testing, Load Testing, Profiling, Code Analysis, Code Coverage, etc), is having our public MSDN chat on Wednesday, January 17th, 2006 at 10:00am (PST, 1pm EST) at
  • Noah Coad

    Favorite Movies

    Here's a quick little bit of fun. I was just going through my Netflix rental log, and through ye-old memory banks, and put together this list of movies that I particularly enjoyed. Sometimes friends ask about Netflix (which is way cool), my 8-disc at...
  • Noah Coad

    Pardon the Posts, MetaWeblog API Changes

    Well in the switch from .Text (and to Community Server (and, there was a change in the MetaWeblog web service API that allows uploading updated to blog posts. Consiquently, unless I use the web page interface, instead of my...
  • Noah Coad

    The Many .NET Debuggers

    The VS Debugger Team just joined my team, Visual Studio Team System Developer and Tester Tools! So now we can make ever more better integrated debug dev tools. In tribute, and since I was just talking to a coworker about this, here is a list of some of...
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