Noah Coad

A Microsoft Program Manager on Visual Studio Platform (and an underground coder, lifehacker, hockey player)

February, 2006

  • Noah Coad

    VSTS Dev-Test MSDN Chat (Feb 13, Wed 10am)

    Our team, Team System Developer and Tester Tools (Unit Testing, Web Testing, Load Testing, Profiling, Code Analysis, Code Coverage, etc), is having our public MSDN chat on Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 at 10:00am (PST, 1pm EST) at
  • Noah Coad

    SSW Rules to Better Unit Tests

    Adam Cogan of SSW Australia contacted a colleague of my mine, Jeff Beehler , with a request to review some Unit Test guidelines his company published. I took a look and they appear to be good ideas, well documented, and is presented cleanly an concisely...
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