When I was about 14yrs old I was playing around with MIDI on the PC, I didn't have a piano keyboard, long before MP3s were around.  I wrote the three little tunes.  I recently came across them and thought I'd share. :)

  • Friends, my 1st, a duet for piano and violin (1min), but that's a "trumpet" sound playing the violin part, the MIDI sync violin sound at the time was pathetic
  • Lemmings, a quick little dilly (20sec) that reminded me of the old PC game Lemmings (play it online!), it has 8 instruments.
  • Cool1, my favorite, a fun short tune (1min) w/ a few instruments.

Keep in mind, this was the humble attempt of a 14yr-old way back in the day when MODs ruled the earth and Win3.1 was just released.  I didn't have a keyboard, these are manually entered notes, so there aren't any dynamics.  My sound card was an early Sound Blaster AWE32, so the MIDI to WAV port (now WAV to MP3) isn't the greatest, but hey, it's cute.

P.S.  I'm now getting into multi-track recoding using my digital piano, guitars (acoustic, classical, and electric), and my wife's voice & violin playing.  :)