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March, 2007

  • Noah Coad

    TeamPlain Aquired as Team System Web Access

    We just aquired TeamPlain which provides a nice web user interface on top of Team Foundation Server! You can get it now for free . The TeamPlain interface looks real sharp , with a bunch of additional UI components "VSTS should've had from day 1". I'm...
  • Noah Coad

    HTML Applications (HTAs)

    HTML Applications (HTAs) are DHTML pages that have full local privileges.  They've been around for a long time, but a colleague recently inquired so it was worth remembering.  They're frequently used for splash screens on CD autoruns or as frontends...
  • Noah Coad

    Team System MVPs on Campus

    The MVP Global Summit 2007 is going on right now and today is the first day of meetings between the MVPs and their respective product groups. As I blog this, Dan Kershaw is talking about TFS. Willy-Peter Schaub has some posts on what's going on at the...
  • Noah Coad

    Hide the IE7 Command Bar

    Here's a registry hack for removing Internet Explorer 7's toolbar with the standard buttons on it (like favorites, print, etc). In IE6 you could move/hide the command bar just like any toolbar, but in IE7 it's not so easy. On my PC they're just wasted...
  • Noah Coad

    Search Work Items, Team System Addin

    The ability to quickly and easily search for work items using a little search box seams to be a popular Team System wishlist feature. Teamprise has a Java Team Explorer client, which they say they make sales because of their search capabilities alone...
  • Noah Coad

    Rolling Up Status on Work Items

    Say you have a work item type (WIT) that represent a big task, like a Feature, then you have individual Task work items that make up that feature. You want to update the work completed and remaining of the tasks, and have that roll into the corrosponding...
  • Noah Coad

    Texas Independence Day Today (March 2nd 1836)

    Today in 1836 as Mexico's General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was attacking the Alamo in San Antonio TX , the Texas Declaration of Independence was produced overnight and the Republic of Texas was born.... Ten years of independence brought the Texas Republic...
  • Noah Coad

    Script Debugging Improvements in Orcas

    We've made some significant improvements to script debugging! The VS script debugger hasn't seen real improvements since VS6 (pre-.NET). Now with ASP.NET AJAX (MS' new AJAX framework), script debugging has caught a new wind. You can try these out in the...
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