Noah Coad

A Microsoft Program Manager on Visual Studio Platform (and an underground coder, lifehacker, hockey player)

August, 2007

  • Noah Coad

    I Want an iPhone! But Can't

    I've been ticked off with my Smartphone lately and love my iPod Nano so was totally stoked about the new iPhone, until I went and spent and hour with it in the Apple Store. I was sorely disappointed. :( Here's why... The iPhone Pros Beautiful UI! Love...
  • Noah Coad

    Visual Studio Macros

    One of the areas I'm taking charge in Visual Studio is the Macro system. We want to make macros rock in the next rev so I'm collecting customer evidence data to figure out how people are using VS macros and what would make them rock (like supporting C#...
  • Noah Coad

    Joined the Visual Studio Platform Team

    In my pursuit of getting closer to the heart of our development tools, I've taken up a new position as a PM on the Visual Studio Platform team! Team System has been my home since I first joined Microsoft three years ago and I believe it is an amazing...
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