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  • Blog Post: 1TB External USB HDD for $100

    I was just browsing my favorite computer supplier,, when I came across this awesome deal.  It is a 1 TB "Hammer Storage" USB 2.0 external drive.  Sure it's not a major brand and the $100 is after a $20 mail-in rebate, but hey, what an amazing deal.
  • Blog Post: Free iPod Nano from KeyBank

    Update (9/4/08): Looks like KeyBank has ended this promotion by now.  Who knows, maybe they’ll try again in the future. KeyBank is giving away a free iPod Nano when you open an account!  About six months back Dawn and I got our spiffy iPod Nano this way and have been enjoying them ever since...
  • Blog Post: ThinkGeek, Gadget Toy Love

    What true geek doesn’t just love the site ?   Where one can fulfill their gizmo, t-shirt, poster, plant, science, toy craze of nerddom.  I’ve had a number of items from the site on my wishlist through a few birthdays and Christmas holidays now with no love, so I just broke down...
  • Blog Post: Hard Drive Pricing Sweet Spot

    Every 8-12 month I take a look at the going prices of hard drives as I'm looking to expand my family's storage capacity.  To that end, I like to take a look at what drives are going for and make a little chart like this that shows the price one's paying per gigabyte of storage.  Last time I...
  • Blog Post: USB Memory Keys, 1GB $10, 4GB $30

    I was just looking up USB Memory Sticks and was amazed at the price they're at these days. has 1GB sticks for $10 and 4GB sticks for $30 . Wow. Last time I bought one of these I paid $75 for 1GB. (there's also the $13 1GB MP3 player or a 64GB USB for $5k )
  • Blog Post: 400GB HDD for $90

    Fry's Outpost is has a great deal on a 400GB HDD for only $90 . It is the slightly older EIDE ATA 100 interface (not SATA) but looks like a good drive. Its a great deal and includes free ground shipping. It uses the new Perpendicular Recording Technology (click that link, it's a funny cartoon!). Thanks...
  • Blog Post: 4GB SD Card for $59

    From, Sale ends Tuesday 9/12 (Noah: Wow, 4GB, I'm impressed.) $58.99 - pqi 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model AE40-4030-0101 - Retail Monday, 11 September 2006 03:06:36 Sale Ends 9/12/06 Model...
  • Blog Post: Daily Deals on

    I've got to say, is probably my favorite online shopping spot. They have consistently good prices, great service, and an awesome website (with lots of photos of their products). I can usually find what I'm looking for, sometimes a few dollars more than other sites, but well worth the service...
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