February, 2004

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    The Joy of Smartphones

    Today I spent two hours in a meeting with The Man. I'm sure everyone reading this is in an organization with someone who qualifies as The Man, if not several qualifying people. Resultantly, you probably all know the nervousness that a meeting with The...
  • Noah Horton's WebBlog

    O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference

    For those of you attending the O’Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference this year (San Diego, Feb 8-12), Peer Networking will have a presence. Ravi Rao, another Program Manger from my team, will be attending the conference. If you are interested...
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    Welcome to Noah Horton’s Blog. On my blog, you will find info on Microsoft Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking, .NET Development, the digital lifestyle in general, and, occasionally, a rant on any particular topic that merits one. I am a Program Manager...
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