Well, the blogsphere is pretty full of comments about XPSP2 at the moment.  I would like to blog on it because I am very personally excited as all of the contents of the Advanced Networking Pack are in it, meaning that Grouping, Graphing and PNRP are all included.  Thus, over the coming weeks, our technologies will be available on millions upon millions of machines.  This is very exciting as it means that developers can now count on these technologies as being available on a large number of machines.  The lack of wide deployment was one of the biggest impediments to adoption for our technologies, so I hope this will lead to a rise in apps using our technologies.

On the sad side, I found a pretty ugly little oversite in XPSP2 the moment I installed it at home.  Turns out that if you open the Security Center from Control Panel, there is a help link in the middle of the screen for "What's new in Windows to help protect my computer?"  Pop that open and note the glaring 'XOX' placeholders in the help text.

*Sigh*  However, I would prefer to have issues like that than to have code issues. 


I have gotten a lot of responses that others are not seeing the XOX's in the help dialog.  That is actually very good to hear, but I am doubly confused now.  The install on my home machine was going straight from SP1 to SP2 downloaded from downloads.microsoft.com.  I never had pre-release versions of SP2 on that box.  I am now twice as curious about the issue, but at least the problem is not very common.