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  • Blog Post: What do you need to develop on Vista and Office?

    The most fun I had in my work day yesterday was talking to Jay Roxe , Microsoft Group Product Manager for Developer Tools. Jay is one of my favorite members of the tools Product Marketing team and my go-to guy for the Vista and Office launch for developers. More than that, Jay has always been in touch...
  • Blog Post: Can you get Zune to work with Vista?

    I've been on vacation this week. As I expected I got a Zune for Christmas. Unfortunately I can't get it to work. My husband and I spent time ... with the Windows Update site, with a disk he got internally ... nothing. So my husband will try to get it working after the first of the year when he finds...
  • Blog Post:

    And I know you've seen this guy before but I can't get enough of him. Brought to you by the Windows Marketing Team. Even those who don't like us have to admit they dig it .
  • Blog Post: What's in a Search

    I've been off line for a few days ... as I upgraded to Vista and Office 2007 . At the same time my Exchange Server was upgraded. I have been awash in new features ... trying to find files and the like. I am enjoying the Quick Access Tool Bar in Office. I have been experimenting with new search features...
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