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  • Blog Post: Love my new cell phone

    I waited all year this year to get the new Cinglular 3125. I got it the moment it came out locally - early Fall. I love it! If you are in the market for a new Windows Mobile device, it's a winner!
  • Blog Post: Developing on Windows Mobile Platform

    Can be challenging for developers. As I heard recently , a user (or developer) with a cell phone has a hard time updating their existing phone to the latest version of Windows Mobile. Commonly, the cell phone provider expects you to upgrade your phone and agreement just to get the new OS! Not fair. I...
  • Blog Post:

    And I know you've seen this guy before but I can't get enough of him. Brought to you by the Windows Marketing Team. Even those who don't like us have to admit they dig it .
  • Blog Post: What's in a Search

    I've been off line for a few days ... as I upgraded to Vista and Office 2007 . At the same time my Exchange Server was upgraded. I have been awash in new features ... trying to find files and the like. I am enjoying the Quick Access Tool Bar in Office. I have been experimenting with new search features...
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