This is a must to try, not because I work for Microsoft just because is one of the best S+S application available in the market and it will surprise you! Try it, you will really love it as I do.

Photosynth, was initially released as a Microsoft Live Labs Technology Preview internally only, I have been playing with for almost a year but I was told to do not share any information about it :(, but now is being released as a new free service to become part of MSN.  You can download it now here: Current offer includes up to 20gb online storage and an add-in to Internet Explorer or FireFox required to create your first true “Software + Services” personal experience.

Where to start? All what you really need to head to the website, login with your Live ID, download the application which takes just a couple of minutes and begin immediately to create, upload and share your “synths”..  Experience it!

There are some computer restrictions:

A Web browser (Windows Internet Explorer 7 is recommended but you can use Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2 and 3 however not all features have been tested for all browsers); a small, 7MB plug-in available free at; a broadband connection; and the Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista operating system.

The PhotoSynth site recommends using between 20 and 300 pictures (which can be from any camera at any resolution, from camera phone to DSLR, in any combination), but really there is no limit on the number of photos except for the processing power of your computer, on which all the relationship processing is done, and the 20gb limit of a Live ID account.