Inside and outside Microsoft Vista is a conversation topic that with some frequency is present at technology discussions and conversations. At community level Vista is a conversation driver in forums, newsgroups and bulleting boards because the number of people that love it, doesn’t like it or simply hate it.

One of the hot conversation topics is support and it is key for all Vista users and a special note is for the very end user who is not technology savvy at all (like my mom) but uses Vista on a daily basis for mail, chat or just internet browsing.

Our Most Valuable Professionals are independent leaders with deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies that shares their knowledge at the technical communities with other participants. One of the communities were you can find these experts is at the Windows related communities (Vista, XP, etc). They are active there and built a strong reputation among the participant because their knowledge and because they are the voice of the community at Microsoft.

One of the feedback often collected from our MVPs was around the end user experience when looking for technical information about our Windows Client Operating Systems (e.g.: Vista, XP, etc) as well as for other end user applications.

Microsoft took this feedback and other feedback coming from small and medium businesses and corporate customers and launched a community site for consumers called Microsoft Answers.

What exactly is Microsoft Answers for Windows Vista?

· A rich, interactive community self-help experience with active participation of dedicated Windows Vista support engineers.

· One place for consumers to quickly and easily find Windows Vista support content from Microsoft and the community.

· A site built with consumers in mind—from content to tone to aesthetic.  The message is “you’re welcome here, it’s easy to participate, and we’re here to help.”

How the sites works?

Well the site has different sections where the user can find information, however I would like to highlight these 3 cool sections because them save time and takes you directly where you want to go (uhmm… I heard these words somewhere before):

Search for existing answers to your question.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to see if your question has already been asked

Use the search bar at the top of the page to see if your question has already been asked.

Browse our specific category pages under Find Answers.

Browse our specific category pages under Find Answers

Review the top questions and answers.

Ask the Community.

Ask the Community

Ask other people how they fixed a problem, or discover what you can do with Windows Vista.

Give a try, and get your answers today …

Vista = "View" in Spanish