Short after Steveb presentation at CES, the Most Valuable professionals, selected Community influencers & customers/partners and MSDN/TechNet subscriber will gain access to the Windows 7 Beta 1.

This version differs from PDC one because @ PDC the company distributed a preview and a this time is a formal beta opportunity where Microsoft will be enabling additional resources for Beta tester.

As a Windows 7 power user (not developer or heavy IT Professional) I can say people will see interesting functionality and some new ways to get their stuff done. Some features goes beyond a nice look & feel user interface. I have been testing a bunch of Bluetooth devices such as: Headset, Smart phones, webcams, GPS, printers, mouse, keyboards, etc from diverse manufacturers and like my experience with Windows Vista they connected to my Win7 PC without any kind of problems.

On the application side I have installed more than 50 Microsoft and non Microsoft applications that are running flawlessly. The combination with IE8 really rocks!

The boot process is excellent and areas like connectivity are user friendly.

If you are MVP just check your inbox to see how to get the beta, other community influencers and MSDN/TechNet subscribers just go to the download center.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.