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A global community in one place at the same time

A global community in one place at the same time

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On March the 1st we are going to have more than 1,500 Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) in our main campus for 4 days in an event called the “Worldwide MVP Summit”.

I have the privilege to manage this program for Microsoft and since the last 5 years it allows me to connect with the elite of the technology. It is amazing to see how these independent experts who have a deep knowledge about Microsoft products and technologies are willing and eager to share what they know with their peers at the technical communities (online, offline, professional, etc).

My program has a global nature and Microsoft awards MVPs almost everywhere but thanks to an Australian Windows Live MVP John O’Brien who developed this cool silverlight application;  I can describe -in a graphical way the worldwide scope of the MVP award program.

The application highlights the country/city of the MVPs who are going to be in town attending our MVP summit next month, just take a look and check if someone lives close to you and engage with him/her at your local technical community.

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