Upcoming Ntdebugging Blog Schedule

Upcoming Ntdebugging Blog Schedule

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Debuggers - This is the list of the upcoming articles “in the works”.

The Story of a Hung Box
ETW_BlogPost_ETW Introduction and Overview
ETW_BlogPost_Exploring and Decoding ETW...
Got Stack?   No. We ran out and kv won’t tell me why!
Part 2: Got Stack?   No. We ran out and kv won’t tell me why!
WMI: Finding provider binary

Also we’re planning to blog about the cool features in Windows 7 and 2008 R2 with debugging in mind. Feel free to send your feedback to help us tweak the blog.


Ron Stock

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  • If it takes so much time to write quality articles, why don't you just record (on video) some talks between developers?

    I very much prefer text to video, but I wouldn't mind video if that means more information published in the same time.

  • Perhaps you could focus a bit more on 64 bit environments is something I'd be looking for. Posts such as the 'Challenges of Debugging Optimized x64 Code' (January)...

  • Thanks. Looking forward to them!

  • How about "Things windbg is telling trying to tell you and what do they mean"?  As in stuff that doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, like when you do a !VM on a manually created crash dump of a misbehaving server and see this...

    ******* 11104 system cache map requests have failed ******

    When (at least at this point) there are plenty of PTEs.  Something was obviously low....but what?


    ********** 26804 pool allocations have failed **********

    when there seems to be plenty pool available...but maybe we were really low earlier?

    I'll have to think of some other examples.....

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