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  • Blog Post: Part 1: Tate Calhoun presents Xperf at the 2009 Microsoft GEC

    Xperf was created by the Windows Fundamentals team to analyze system and application performance. Tate walks through the use of the new tool and shows how to analyze the data for specific scenarios. The slide deck is available from the attachment link below. ";" galleryimg="no" mce_src...
  • Blog Post: ‘Microsoft Platforms Global Escalation Services Community’ Presentation at the 2009 Microsoft GEC

    Principal Escalation Engineer, Jeff Dailey, presents "Microsoft Platforms Global Escalation Services Community" at the 2009 GEC. Please enjoy the video and click on the link below to download the slide deck. ";" mce_src="
  • Blog Post: TSANet Presentation at the 2009 Microsoft GEC

    This year’s Global Escalation Conference theme of “Building the Engineering Community” was centered around our efforts to increase knowledge sharing, collaboration, and best practices throughout the engineering community. In this presentation Dennis Smeltzer, Executive Director of TSANet, discusses a...
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