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  • Blog Post: WMI Nugget: How to Gather the Provider Binary from a WMI Class Name

    It's Venkatesh with a WMI nugget. While troubleshooting or debugging WMI issues you may come across WMI queries wherein you don’t know which provider implemented the WMI class used in the query. You may want to know the binary and the product that implemented the provider so you can contact the vendor...
  • Blog Post: WMI: "REFERENCES OF" query failure during Provider startup could be disastrous

    Hello, my name is Venkatesh Ganga. I’m a Senior Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft Platform Global Escalation Services team. In this blog I would like to talk about an interesting WMI issue I worked a few months ago. The idea behind this blog is to discuss how WMI works under the hood. In this article...
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