Um excelente exemplo do que pode ser feito com WPF!

O NYTimesReader , é um cliente rico para ler o jornal com algumas features muito interessantes. Uma das melhores, é o facto de as noticias serem indexadas pelo desktop search, e assim, procurando no search, ele encontra as noticias e abre-nos a app na noticia seleccionada.

Experimentem que vale a pena!



What is Times Reader?
Times Reader is a new, downloadable software application that lets Windows XP and Vista users read The New York Times electronically, online or offline, in a paginated format as opposed to scrolling down a Web page. Times Reader lets users retrieve all the latest news and photos (a process that takes about a minute) and read the content offline. It also let’s you check to see how much of the paper you have read and easily navigate to articles of interest that you may have missed

Be among the first to experience Times Reader, a new application which enhances the onscreen reading experience.

Times Reader Features:
  • Embrace the easy-to-read format

    Times Reader uses the same font and column structure you see in the printed paper. Also, there is no scrolling necessary -- just use the arrow keys on your keyboard to turn the page.

  • Read it offline

    In just about one minute you can sync up Times Reader to the Web site to retrieve the latest news and photos.

  • Don't miss a thing

    "What's Read" allows you to quickly see how much of the paper you've read and lets you easily navigate to unread articles.

  • Browse the "News in Pictures"

    View a slide show with all of today's photos and click on a specific photo to read the related article.

  • Make it your own

    Use tools to save, print and e-mail documents. You can also highlight and annotate passages within the text of articles.

  • Read it anywhere

    TimesReader automatically adjusts to fit any screen size, from an ultra mobile computing device to a ten-foot display.