A Safira tem andado estado envolvida num grande projecto de Sharepoint, do qual nasceu uma ferramenta, SPOME, a qual decidiram partilhar no Codeplex

Um pequeno overview do SPOME:

Project SPOME - SharePoint Object Model Extension
This project was born from necessity. After some months of developing sharepoint publishing webs we had the necessity to create work around solutions for some issues that we found in sharepoint. The best example of this is the fact that after an export / import using stsadm command we lose all settings of SPWebs, like master page, and navigation. So we started to produce this tool to provide solutions for these problems:

» Saving website structure to xml
» Restoring website structure from xml, restore masterpage   settings, restore hidden items.
» Importing and Exporting PageLayout association to ContentType.
» Rebuilding publishing workflow.
» Reset Website Hierarchy Permissions.

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