Exciting times ahead as I prepare to officially join the team that is organizing the Microsoft Techdays 2010 event in Portugal. I usually take part at these events solely as a speaker, so I’m sure it will be fun to be a part of the “backstage experience”.

 We are still in the process of closing the agenda, content tracks and final list of speakers, but looking at the information that is available right now, I can tell this will be a great event. We currently have more than 50 speakers confirmed and around 100 sessions that will undoubtedly make up a rewarding experience for attendees.

I will be doing three sessions in this event so I’m looking at a very busy time ahead of me. I usually put a lot of work in all the sessions I deliver, but it pays off in the end because I always get great feedback from it... and also some ugly symptoms of sleep deprivation.

From a developer’s perspective, with the big product launches of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4, we have a lot of topics to cover and a lot of cool stuff to show-off. It's an exciting time to be working with Microsoft development technologies and to see all the new stuff coming our way.

Hope to see a crowded event, it will most definitely be worth it!

Until then, have fun!