Well, finally it’s done. After 8 years in the Premier Services division, I changed my role, joining the DPE team as a Developer Evangelist. It has been my goal for quite some time and I’ve worked hard over the years in order to be given this opportunity.

Throughout the years I’ve been evangelizing (although I really don’t like the term) my customers towards adopting Microsoft development best practices and technology. On the side, I joined every possible technical event I could, and always made sure to cause a long-lasting impact. It’s fun when people see me and still remember a session I did a couple of years back. That is, in its essence, the core of my new role: being able to influence people and making sure our interactions are memorable.

So, if you are a developer in Portugal, you will start to see me much more often than before and hopefully we will have many chances to talk and share our experiences. I bring a lot of baggage from my previous role, one that allows me to closely relate to the problems you face while involved in complex development processes, and to understand what it’s like from your side, from your point of view. I believe that will be really important as we sometimes get so deeply involved in the “technical prowess” side of things, that we forget what in the end is most important: to be able to actually do something with it.

Those who attended my sessions in the past know that I rarely present myself with a marketing hat. Some degree of that will be necessary from now on, so that I can fit in my new role and achieve the set of goals that this position requires. However, I’m really committed into striking a good balance between what is marketing talk and how it looks in real life: I’m still a developer at heart so I always tend to look at technology in the “what can I do with it” and “does it make my life easier” perspectives, which I believe are the fundamentals that drive us through new technology adoption.

Right now, I will be completely focused on bringing Techdays 2010 to life in the way we envision it and prepare the launch of Visual Studio Team System 2010 and .NET Framework 4. I’m getting into my new role in what is probably the busiest time possible since Visual Studio is my main area of focus in this new team, but I’ll just consider that a rewarding challenge and make the best of it.

For those that know me already, or wish to do so, make sure to follow me on Twitter and follow this blog regularly as I intend to be an active writer in both of them, but not so much that you would consider spammingJ.

As a Developer Evangelist, my focus is the developer community, but in order to be able to help you I need to know who you are, what are you doing and what do you think about Microsoft technology and vision.

I’m sure we will have plenty opportunities to address all these subjects, but feel free to contact me if you are having trouble understanding how Microsoft can make your lives easier as developers or you are juggling with some difficulties using our products or technology. I will do my best to provide the suitable answer to work around any roadblocks you find, or to show you the way forward in case you feel a bit lost in the middle of all these new products, technology and industry jargons.

Until then, have fun!