December, 2011

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    Dialogue on privacy with Brendon Lynch

    This week Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Officer Brendon Lynch was home in New Zealand to discuss privacy. Originally from Paeroa but now based at Microsoft's global headquarters in Redmond, Brendon is part of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative that was established by Bill Gates in 2002.

    Bill Gates said then that Trustworthy Computing – reliability, security, privacy and business integrity – is the “highest priority for the company and for our industry over the next decade”.

    Brendon is responsible for all aspects of Microsoft's privacy programme, including the creation and implementation of policies designed to protect customer privacy for products and services that are used by millions of consumers and organisations around the world. He also works to provide transparency on Microsoft’s approach, and to encourage broad adoption of privacy standards.

    Sophisticated questions from participants at discussions in Auckland and Wellington show that there is a strong interest in privacy in New Zealand.

    Cartoon © Chris Slane, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

    Privacy breaches involving technology have made headline news this year, and it's no surprise that identity theft and reputation are serious concerns.We heard that privacy is a necessary foundation for freedom of speech. Privacy expectations are individual. Most people are pragmatic and are willing to provide personal information to a trusted party in exchange for value, but some people have much higher expectations of privacy than others.

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