June, 2012

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    21st Century Learning

    Parliament’s Education and Science Select Committee has launched an enquiry about education needs for the country’s future. The enquiry seeks to identify possible savings in technology and buildings, to develop recommendations regarding optimal learning environments, and to identify the skills required for teachers and students to achieve their full potential in the modern world. Nikki Kaye MP says, “Through the inquiry there is an opportunity to hear from stakeholders across both the education and technology sectors about how we ensure that New Zealand children can become even more digitally literate.”

    The New Zealand education achieves excellent results based on international measures. We should be proud of that, but there is more to be done.

    Every child needs to have a safe and supportive environment that respects and fosters learning. Those who understand how education can help them achieve more will naturally be motivated to achieve, at any stage of their life. An expectation of what the future holds can be transformative, and we believe that articulating career pathways to learners is an important component of this. Technology makes it easier than ever to give all learners the opportunity to excel, no matter who or where they are.

    Microsoft has invested in communities and technology to support learning over many years, as we see it as a critical component of a smart, connected and competitive New Zealand. Last week, we were honoured that the Committee took the time to hear from Anthony Salcito (Vice-President, Education) while he was in New Zealand.

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    Keeping Safe Online

    New Zealand’s first Cyber-Security Awareness Week is on now. It's been organised by NetSafe and the Government, with support from businesses including Microsoft and MSN New Zealand Ltd. It’s a time for everyone to work together to help all Kiwis be safer online.

    Unfortunately, criminals are using the Internet to scam and cheat thousands of Kiwis each year. But a little bit of knowledge can do a lot to protect you.

    Online safety matters

    Crime has gone online, so we need to be smart about what the criminals are doing. Malicious software and fraudulent websites have become widespread tools of crime. They are used to get sensitive information from people – things like credit card details, passwords, and business secrets.

    Once criminals have this information, they will use it for their own purposes, to try to make money at your expense. Or they might try to get at your friends and family, or your employer. Malware can also give criminals control of people’s computers. Usually people whose computers have been infected don’t even realise their computers could be rented out by underground networks to spread spam and scams to new victims.

    So, what are some of the top tips to help people stay safer online?

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