July, 2012

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    Innovate with Cloud Computing

    Businesses use technology to improve productivity. They need it to speed up innovation, and help with the basic needs to save money and get more done.

    Internet-based subscriptions make cloud computing a cheaper way for businesses to get computer technology working for them. Capital expenditure and maintenance can largely be taken care of by cloud providers in return for a fee based on actual use. Because of scale and automation, that fee is typically less than your actual costs would be running services yourself.

    Today's Microsoft cloud solutions can help businesses:

    • Keep email, calendars, and documents in sync, no matter where you access them.
    • Host online meetings, with rich voice, video, and document sharing.
    • Keep track of customer relationships and gain insight from data.
    • Create a simple website to provide information about your business to the world.
    • Store and quickly process enormous amounts of data for business or scientific insight.
    • Help keep an organisation’s computers and phones secure and running smoothly.
    • Efficiently host sophisticated custom websites, business apps, and virtual machines.


    You can move at your own speed – Microsoft’s flexible approach allows the mix of private or public services (either in NZ or in a global datacentre) that suits you. There is no “our cloud or nothing” ultimatum.

    This paper summarises some of the circumstances in which it's worth considering a cloud option, and some of the factors to weigh up when moving business-critical support services to the cloud.

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    Helping communities with skill-based volunteering

    A growing number of businesses in New Zealand are making a conscious effort to encourage and facilitate their employees’ volunteer activities in their own communities. At Microsoft New Zealand, some employees have chosen to use their three days of paid volunteer leave available to them each year to share their significant professional and technical skills with community organisations.

    Plunket is the largest provider of free support services for the development, health and well-being of children under the age of five in New Zealand. The non-profit organization has been undertaking a technology transformation over the past 18 months, which Microsoft has been supporting with a significant software grant. Microsoft New Zealand employees, as enthusiastic supporters of the work Plunket does in the community, were eager to devote time and resources to work together with Plunket to ensure that they were able to maximize the value of the investment they received.

    “Expertise in skill areas that Plunket does not currently possess, but Microsoft has in spades, is highly valued,” said Craig Le Quesne, General Manager, Information Communications Technology, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society. “

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