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September, 2005

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About Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

I work as a SharePoint Product Manager, and I work with ISVs that provide solutions that integrate with SharePoint. 

I can’t wait to see where SharePoint will pop up next, and which partner solutions will be instrumental in the next months and years in helping to carry SharePoint in new and interesting directions.  I hope to comment and bring you stories about this next journey.

Please feel fee to contact me at any time using the Email link on the sidebar of this blog.

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    PDC - Pre-Session

    Well, I made it to PDC this morning. I was going back and forth between choosing the .Net v2 and the VSTO 2005 pre-session, and ended up in the VSTO 2005 session. First time that I'm seeing much of this since I've been so wrapped up in BizTalk for the...
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